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Carpe crispy

Welcome to the world of crispy, where everything’s fine, nothing’s fried, and crispy curiosities abound. With just a scoop of our most adaptable ingredient yet, you can expand your meal and your mind.

Experience the new Crispy Chicken Salad, come to your senses.

Behind the Bowl

All the fun, none of the bun. Explore all the Crispy Chicken fixin’s — from a double scoop of crispy rice to local pickles and tangy housemade remoulade.

Crisp it Yourself

Made with the cover crop sorghum — a drought tolerant, naturally gluten-free grain that protects the soil from pests and erosion. Add a scoop (or two!), take your greens to another dimension.

The Sixth Sense: Crispy

A state of pure crispy bliss — experience an epic journey of the senses.


Crispy crown

Grain, with a side of vain. This IG filter is totally organic, better for the algorithm than a TLDR post about how healthy soil can help reverse climate change (it can), and creates substantially less food waste than several failed attempts at crafting your own DIY vegetal crown.

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Crispy Collections

Meet top YouTube gamer Valkyrae, Peloton instructor Ally Love, and Houston Ballet soloist Harper Watters. The green streamers + content creators behind our new Crispy Collections are redefining the game by prioritizing healthy digital habits, like positive representation, unplugging to recharge mind and body, and screens with a side of greens. Unlock their crispy customs on the sweetgreen app.

Streaming Now — Valkyrae’s Extra Crispy Custom
Streaming 01.18 — Ally Love’s Go Avo Custom
Streaming 01.21 — Harper Watters’ No Picks Pls Custom

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We just launched our first ever TikTok challenge, and there’s more than one way to #sweetgreenshake. To enter, share your most avant-garde salad shake (spin, skate, or swirl) on TikTok, tag us, and use the #sweetgreenshake sound + hashtag. We’ll pick 3 winners based on creativity to win a year of sg on us ($500 sg credit) on 1/28/21.

Click to #sweetgreenshake