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Best in season

What better way to celebrate summer’s abundance than with rich, creamy burrata that recalls fond memories and inspires ones we haven’t made yet. We’ve sourced fresh regional fruits at their peak to pair with our lush burrata for a hyper-local yet transportive experience.

Peach + Burrata

Summer peach vacation

When the heat swells, so do the peaches. They bend the branches that sway in the humid afternoons as they ripen in the sun. Wherever you can find perfect peaches, you can taste how their mild, complex flavor elevates burrata even further.

Berry + Burrata

Ripe for the picking

In some places, you know it’s summer because the berries hang heavy on the brambles and vines. Their color gets richer, and their skin smells sweet. In these regions you can taste how the nuanced flavors of ripe berries perfectly complement burrata’s rich texture.

Always fresh perspective

These transportive fruit and burrata pairings are supported by a cast of wholesome others. You’ll find refreshing mint and basil, leafy spring mix and hearty kale, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers—all drizzled with housemade balsamic.

Vacation state of mind

Get into the headspace of summer with sweetgreen.


Seasonal Playlist

Our seasonal playlist is back for summer. We’ve asked our favorite artists to put together a collection of songs to help us all ease fully into the summer mood. Hopefully it’ll change your life for the better. We can’t wait to tell you who it is, but we can’t yet (we might have said too much already).